Message from the Director General

Since its establishment in 2010, Rahal International has worked through its network of branches and partners in the world to raise the services of operating, management and marketing of hotels and Hajj and Umrah services to the level that befits the sanctity of these rites and to provide the guests of the distinctive services that help them to perform their worship since their arrival to home Despite the success and progress we have made over the past years, our quest for greater excellence is uninterrupted, and our effort to develop our services and the means of our work never stops, and we are proud to make every achievement we have achieved a starting point for new excellence.

Rahal International has been able to maintain its principles, values ​​and obligations towards its partners, has always sought to develop its operational capabilities and financial capabilities, and strengthen its alliances with the competent authorities in the field of management consulting and professional development to ensure good planning and flexibility in the implementation and development in order to achieve stability and growth of the company and reach customer satisfaction And allies alike.

In conclusion, we are sure that the charity of work is a prelude to conciliation, that sincerity is a prelude to acceptance, and that we are between faithfulness and charity are moving in the right direction, God willing.

General Manager of Rahal International Company

success story

The work in the field of tourism, hospitality and hotels does not seem as easy as many think, especially if the goal of access to this area is excellence in the provision of services and specialization in management, and some countries - with their specialization in this area - have been able to rely on this sector as one of the most important sources of income she has.

Rahal Company has been able to choose its place in the forefront of workers in the field of hotel operation, management and marketing because of its deep belief that the quality of service and good management is the right way to achieve success, began to attract professional cadres with more than 25 years of experience in this field, and harnessed the possibilities and capabilities that are not available The company has expanded its network of local and international alliances to more than 80 countries around the world, gaining the trust of partners, investors and customers as a leading name in the operation, marketing and management of hotels.