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General Manager's Words
Since its was founded in 2010, Rahhal International has been operationg through its ever-growing network on branches and trusted partners worldwide on setting the standards in operating and managing hotels, and excelling in providing Hajj and Umrah services that offer pilmgrims distinctive privileges enabling them to perform their rituals since their arrival to the holy grounds all the way up till their return.

Despite the success that Rahhal Intl. has had in the recent years, our desire to do better is endless, end our effort towards improving the quality of services exceeding the expectations of our satisfied customers, has no stop, and we take pride in marking every accomplishment achieved, a starting point toward a new seccess.

Rahhal International has been consistent in retaining its principles, values and obligations toward its partners, which has led it to continuously improve and expand its operational abilities and financial capabilities, in addition to refining its partnership with highly specialized professionals in the field of management consulting and professional development to guarantee effective planning and implementation that leads to achieving the company's stability and growth, and ensuring the satisfaction of our customers along with our partners.

I would like to conclude by assuring you that hard work is a prelude to success, and devotion is a prelude to acceptance, and by hard work and devotion, we shall be heading in the right direction, Lord Willing.

General Manager,
Rahhal International

Success Story

Thriving is tourism, hospitality and hotels isn't as easy as it might seem, especially if the purpose is to excel in providing services and specializing in its management, and some countries, through its specialization in that field, were able to rely on this sector as one of its major sources of revenue.

Rahhal International had managed to thrive as a leader in the field of operating, managing and marketing hotels solely due to its firm belief in both the quality of the service as well as its hardworking management representing the correct path to achieve success, whice has resulted in attractiing professionals with experience of over 25 years in the field. Rahhal Intl. ha been among the very few to be bringing up the amount of possibilities and ptential to surpass achievments of other well-known companies in the similar field. Rahhal Intl. has expanded its domestic and international partnership to include more than 80 countries around the globe, which has once again, helped the company gain trust of partners, investors and customers as a leader in providing the services of operating, marketing and managing hotels.

Our Vision

To be the preferred destination by our partners as well as our customers when it comes to tourism and unmatched luxurios hospitality.

Our Message

Ensuring smooth and effective management of hotels, providing Hajj and Umrah services with unmatched international standards, valuable practices and modern solution.

Our Goal

Specializing in managing and
operating hotels.
Providing tourism services.
Expanding internationally.

Our Values

Commitment to quality.
Honest Treatment.
Innovating Services.
Responsibility towards partners.
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Rahhal International
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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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